IT Asset Disposation

You know that storage room you have with all of your really old PCs, and other outdated electronics?
CyberCrunch can help your business get rid of this equipment the right way and help offset the cost of new equipment.

IT Asset Recycling Maximizes Reuse and Value

  • Our certified recycling services retrieve and reuse maximum materials and value from your items.

  • We recycle a very broad range of items—including old computers and all types of electronics.

  • Complete data center decommissioning and relocation services.

Our Process

  • Secure pickup and transportation of your electronics to our certified secure facility.

  • We sort through unwanted equipment, reuse the useful bits and dispose of the rest according to the stringent R2/RIOS standard.

  • As an added safety measure, all items containing data undergo our Level-1 wipe.

Don’t let your unwanted devices, and the sensitive personal identifying and financial data they contain, fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

Why CyberCrunch?

CyberCrunch provides secure, safe electronic recycling and data destruction for clients in a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience with specific industry regulations, and governmental policies makes us an obvious choice for your corporate needs.