CyberCrunch August 2017 Newsletter

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Electronics is the fastest growing source of waste on the planet, and the U.S. is the largest producer of electronic waste in the world. More than nine million tons of electronics are thrown away every … Read More

E-Scrap 2017


Joe Connors, Vice President of Business Development at CyberCrunch®, the nation’s leading e-waste specialist in secure data destruction and electronics recycling, will speak at the 2017 E-Scrap Conference on Sept. 20 in Orlando, FL. This … Read More

CyberCrunch® Grows Sales Team

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CyberCrunch® is pleased to announce Bora Caliskan has joined their business development team beginning in July 2017. Mr. Caliskan will extend CyberCrunch’s® reach to Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia where he has built a reputable e-waste client base over the last 10 years.

FACTA Compliant Recycling

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Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA): Protects consumers from identity theft. Failing to properly maintain and secure the information can result in substantial fines. Companies can also be held financially responsible for the actual … Read More

School Recycling

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When students who attended Frederick County School District found out their names, birthdates and social security numbers had been breached, the school notified the FBI, and has been working with state law enforcement and technology … Read More

Data Security in Simple Places


It is important to incorporate security in all places, especially in the workplace. All too often, corporations make the mistake of not utilizing simple methods of data security. This tends to be due to the … Read More

Why R2 Certified Recycling?


What do you recycle? The first step in understanding responsible recycling standards is to understand what it is that is being recycled. R2 certified recyclers are primarily responsible for electronic waste, also known as e-waste. … Read More

Fight Against Cyber Attacks with CyberCrunch®


Commonwealth Computer Recycling Joins the Fight Against Cyber Attacks with New CyberCrunch, an Innovative Data Destruction Service CyberCrunch Recycling, (a division of Commonwealth Computer Recycling), with offices serving the Mid-Atlantic region, is joining in the … Read More

Data Disposal and Electronics Recycling


Five questions to help you evaluate your recycling and data disposal program With that in mind, your business should be very careful about the electronics recycling provider you choose to handle your sensitive data and … Read More

Sustainability and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


A recent report from the CDP – Global environmental reporting system, which focuses on Driving Sustainable Economies, show that companies are beginning to focus on sustainability throughout the value chain. The article discusses how “It … Read More