Education Industry

CyberCrunch helps our clients in the education industry (i.e., K-12 schools, colleges, business schools and trade schools) dispose of electronic equipment while complying with specific state, and federal regulatory and legislative requirements.


  • Nationwide pickup service

  • 100% HIPAA, FERPA and FACTA compliance

    Complete data destruction of servers filled with sensitive student and faculty data

  • Hard drive destruction, with certificates that prove that it was completed

    Comprehensive process that ensures that all regulations are followed, and documented proof that data is destroyed

  • R2 Certified Recycling

    All electronic recycling follows state and federal regulations

  • Information Technology Asset Disposition

    Data wiping, imaging and redeployment

Don’t let your unwanted devices, and the sensitive personal identifying and financial data they contain, fall into the hands of cyber criminals.

Why CyberCrunch?

CyberCrunch provides secure, safe electronic recycling and data destruction for clients in a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience with specific industry regulations, and governmental policies makes us an obvious choice for your corporate needs.