Keep Confidential Data out of Criminals’ Hands

Turn to CyberCrunch for secure hard drive shredding and data destruction

Don’t let your business become an identity theft statistic. In 2016, over $16 billion was stolen from identity theft victims in the United States.

And with so much of our business happening on our computers, phones, and tablets, it’s no wonder that digital devices are a prime target for criminals looking to get their hands on your customers information.

 By the time you’re ready to replace equipment, your machine could contain hundreds of pieces of customer data.

 This information could be stored in many different places on the hard drives, CDs, thumb drives, tapes, phones or tablets. Even if you perform a factory reset, a skilled hacker could still access this information, and use it to defraud your company, customers and vendors.

To be absolutely sure that your confidential information is kept out of the hands of criminals, you need the help of professionals.

Trust the data destruction experts at CyberCrunch to help you to dispose of your electronics safely and securely.

Contact us today to find out what we can do to help keep your business data secure. We specialize in customized recycling and data destruction solutions that match your companies needs.

Send your electronics to our state-of-the-art, secure recycling facilities -- or have us pick them up for you. Once they arrive, we identify and remove all components that may store sensitive data. Then, we use techniques like degaussing and industrial-scale shredding to render the data on your old devices completely unreadable.

 Then, we’ll send you a certificate of destruction. We can even provide video evidence, so you can be completely confident that your data is truly gone.

 Don’t let your personal information fall into the hands of identity thieves. Request a free, customized quote today to find out how CyberCrunch can help keep your data secure.