CyberCrunch COVID-19 Update and March Newsletter

Blake CormierNewsletter

From all of us here at CyberCrunch, we sincerely hope that you and your family are staying safe and healthy during this troubling time.

We want to let you know that CyberCrunch facilities are open and ready to serve our business and government customers. We are taking precautions in accordance with CDC guidelines.

This includes using PPE during pickups, as well as enhanced sanitization and cleaning procedures at our facilities. Additionally, we ask that no visitors come to our facilities without an appointment at this time. Our #1 priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, customers and our community.

Also, our TechLite services remain available and ready to assist with tasks like imaging and deploying laptops for remote workers. And our mail-back recycling service gives you an easy way to clean up sensitive data on devices deployed to your remote workforce.

How To Sanitize Your Mobile Device

One of the most important CDC recommendations to prevent the spread of disease is to sanitize frequently touched objects. Most of us touch our phones, tablets and computers dozens of times per day, but don’t think about sanitizing these filthy devices.

Here at CyberCrunch, we sanitize thousands of mobile devices. So we wanted to share this procedure you can use to clean your phone or tablet:

  • Power down your device
  • Lightly wet a microfiber cloth with 70% rubbing alcohol (note that bleach, Lysol, or other chemicals shouldn’t be used as they can damage your device)
  • Wipe down the entire device
  • Wait for the alcohol to dry (takes a few seconds)
  • Power the device back on

And just like that you’ll have a clean, sanitized device. The same procedure can be used on computer mice and keyboards. Use it frequently to keep your most-touched devices clean and germ-free.

CyberCrunch Laptop Rental Service A Huge Hit

With so many businesses making the shift to working from home, many found themselves short on hardware to provide to their newly-minted remote workers. So, starting last week, CyberCrunch began offering laptop and desktop rentals configured and shipped anywhere in the country.

The response was incredible — we completely sold out of rental equipment within 24 hours of the announcement. Unfortunately this means we don’t have any more rentals to offer at this time. But, we have other services available to help you keep your business running smoothly during this disruption.

Use our mail-back recycling and data destruction service to quickly and conveniently send equipment for disposal from anywhere in the country. And our TechLite services are available to help out overwhelmed IT departments with deployments, configurations, and other technical tasks.

CyberCrunch is here to help your business make it through this difficult time. Contact us today.