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Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, law enforcement, and Level 1 trauma hospitals, CyberCrunch® recycles and refurbishes millions of pounds of e-waste each year.

  • R2 Certified Recycling
  • 100% Guaranteed Data Destruction
  • Nationwide Service

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CyberCrunch® Services

Electronics Recycling
R2 Certified

Secure, safe, and simple recycling solutions. Our recycling services are landfill-free, and completely secure for businesses and individuals alike.
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Data Destruction

Don’t let your sensitive data become a liability. Take advantage of the most trusted hard-drive wiping and shredding service available.
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IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Minimize refresh costs and maximize recovery value. Available nationwide, on and off site to anyone who needs it.
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Compliance Services

CyberCrunch can quickly and smoothly help get your organization’s e-waste and data destruction in compliance.
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These Agencies Trust CyberCrunch® with Their Data

When you send your devices to us for destruction and recycling, you can be assured that you are in compliance with all regulations. For us, handling waste products in an environmentally conscious way is a top priority, and we never fail to live up to your expectations.

Why Use CyberCrunch®?

There is more than one reason to take advantage of our services. Our zero-landfill policy, complete confidentiality, complete HIPAA compliance, and insurance for your protection make us the most flexible and reliable computer recycling and data destruction service available.

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business and Protect Your Customers


Living in the 21st century means taking advantage of all kinds of devices, including home computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. But when it is time to upgrade, is it safe to simply throw these high-tech tools in the trash?

What too many people forget is that they have hundreds of gigabytes of personally identifying data stored on their devices—everything from photos to personal and financial data, to medical records, to addresses and phone numbers for yourself and everyone you know. In short, everything a cybercriminal needs to hijack your life if they get their hands on your devices!

“Regular” formatting and “factory resets” aren’t enough to protect your data from skilled hackers, and the fact is this is all many electronics recyclers will use. So, how can we keep our personal information safe from prying eyes? CyberCrunch® has your solution.

Specializing in permanent data destruction by way of hard-drive shredding, cell phone and tablet shredding, removable media shredding, and degaussing, we offer the premier electronics recycling services available today. For those who need a sure-fire way to keep all of their information safe, it is an investment worth making.


Are You A Business That Needs To Comply With Regulations For Data Destruction (HIPAA, FACTA, DOD)?

cloud-compliance-retail-pci-dss-hipaa-itar-glba[1]CyberCrunch® meets all requirements set forth by HIPAA, FACTA, and DOD regarding the level and permanence of data destruction performed at our facility. You can rest assured that our data destruction services meet all federal and state requirements.

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Understanding Our Services

Our data destruction services cover all of the most common forms of electronic storage available today. This includes hard drives, solid-state drives, tapes, CDs and DVDs, and anywhere else your sensitive information lives. We rely on hard-drive shredding, cell phone and tablet shredding, removable media shredding, degaussing and multiple-pass wiping that are completely confidential, secure, and designed to meet your needs. Staying in compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, and DOD standards means we are the most highly certified data destruction service for the widest base of users possible.

Best of all, we offer a completely free initial evaluation and quote which will give you an idea of how we can best serve you. We choose prices that reflect the quality of our service, but that are also made to fit the budgets of all our clients. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Protect Your Sensitive Data by Safely Recycling Your Old Devices with CyberCrunch

Don’t let your unwanted devices leak all of your personal, business, and financial information to the world’s cybercriminals. Choose the leading name in electronics recycling and data destruction today.